It's Time To Comb Your Hair

Written By: Tanisha Singleton Thompson, Veriteady Thompson, Klere Kado Thompson

Healthy Hair Flair Day is a special day that Mama created to spend time with her two daughters, Alia and Halima, while detangling, moisturizing and combing their hair. It’s Alia’s turn and she doesn’t like her hair combed! Alia will try to find creative ways to cancel Healthy Hair Flair Day and stop Mama from combing her hair!!

About the Authors

Tanisha Singleton Thompson, Veriteaday Thompson, Klere Kado Thompson

Advocating for a Healthier You, is what 38 year old Licensed Cosmetologist and Self Care Advocate, Tanisha Singleton Thompson’s organization, Beauty’s Ultimate Gift, is all about. She is the wife of Rahim Thompson and the mother of two young daughters, Veriteady (10 years old) and Klere Kado (8 years old). She has been outsourced by various brands and hair shows as a platform artist to do demonstrations for thousands of participants spanning from New York to Washington DC. In her home city of Philadelphia,Tanisha and her two daughters facilitate “Healthy Hair Flair” Workshops to educate the community on Self Care! The three also collaborated together to created their first children’s book called It’s Time to Comb Your Hair!

My baby girl absolutely hates getting her hair done. I mean to the point she will run to the bus stop and I have to pull up with brush and hair products ready for war. She so loved this book and could totally relate. Even though I have to keep part bags out of the house now

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